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Age and Weight Guessing for Over 45 Years!

"I'll see if you look as old as you are, or if you are as old as you look. I'll see if you look your age?"

"Hey, walk right in, be next!"

"Walk right in, and Fool me You Win!"

I'll Guess Your Age within 2-years, your Weight within 3-pounds or your Birthday Month within 2-months!

Fool the Guesser!

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Next Scheduled Dates:

Bridgewater Steam and Gas Meet

Bridgewater VFD Show Grounds

July 12th-15th

Bridgewater, VA 22812

From The Fall Festival in Clifton Forge, VA


The Salem Indoor Winter Children's Carnival-2011

A small child enjoys herself at the Salem Indoor Winter Children's Carnival inside the Salem Civic Center, January 29th, 2011.


The above Photo Shows the Age and Weight Concession set up at night in 2005 in Buchanan, VA.

This 4th of July Celebration is sponsored by the Buchanan Volunteer Fire Department.


Monty Shows a Customer his Winning Guess at the 2004 Buchanan 4th of July Fireman's Carnival.

Monty has Played this Spot for 33-Consecutive Years Beginning in 1980!


"Monty, Playing the Guessing Game for over 25-Years"   Click Here

An Interview with the Fincastle Harold


Monty in Buchanan 2008

Jack Nyberg at the 2005 Salem Virginia Fair-Possibly the BEST Jam Auctioneer in the World!   Click Here

Carnival Sideshow Talkers, A Brief History by Monty Bowman    Click Here

Go to the Sideshow World Web-site«

Click the Mermaid to visit the Sideshow World web-site.

Read a first person article written by Monty Bowman about the World Of Mirth Shows that played the Dixie Classic Fair in Winston-Salem during the late 1950's and early 1960's. Winston-Salem, the "Camel" City is my Hometown.  CLICK HERE

Here's a link to some old Beckmann & Gerety and World of Mirth Wagons posted on Flickr« by Jim Dillman. The WOM wagons were in a field North of  Winston-Salem, NC in 1975. Winston -Salem was the last city played by the WOM in 1963 just before its impoundment and demise into bankruptcy.   Old Carnival photos are also posted in this group.  CLICK HERE 


Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey. The Greatest Show on Earth«

Last preformance May 21st 2017

Enjoy on You Tube!

Visit their Official Web-Site Click Here



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